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Send 2 Free Hours of Repetitive Tasks to Pareto

Company description

Build your business efficiently by sending Pareto your repetitive tasks. We've saved entrepreneurs 5,000+ hours of LinkedIn prospecting, email lead generation, meeting scheduling, and much more.

Whether you're exploring a new idea, launching an MVP, or scaling to 1M users, Pareto's on-demand experts deliver quality-assured results on repetitive tasks so you can focus on the projects that no one else can do.

  1. Meet your Pareto Partner.
  2. Email them any repetitive, niche startup task.
  3. Focus on the work that matters most. Quality assured

Pareto is a certified women-owned and operated business. We're committed to helping women in developing economies learn the basics of company building, connect with world-class entrepreneurs, and access meaningful work opportunities.

Offer description

Build your business more efficiently. Send Pareto the repetitive virtual tasks.

Redeem your 2 free hours of Pareto via LAUNCH's Startup Deals or email to start sending us tasks!